Zerology (PDF)


Zerology (PDF)

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This is a 103-page book of poetry(?) chronicling the author's descent into an existential depression and the nightingale that sang him out of it.

Purchase gives you a PDF. For the ultimate reading/viewing experience, have whatever PDF reader you use to display it in two pages, ensuring the odd-numbered pages are on the left.
Otherwise, just imagine that you're reading it on facing pages.

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Zerology is a poetry book in six parts, a surprising number of which are not actually poetry. Critics are saying:

"We're not sure what this book was supposed to be."
- The Toronto Gazette

"It has words, that's for sure."
- The Arkham Advertiser

"If there's one thing I'm certain of concerning Zerology, it's that logic dictates there must be a market for it somewhere."
- The Daily Punctilio


The author is {a high-functioning sociopath} fundamentally opposed to both selling books and monetizing this site through advertisements--even though he was seeing it run him dry (and was strangely committed both to writing them and keeping this site running anyway)--so he figured that offering you a 103-page book for $2 was not that bad of a deal.

Aw, shoot. He's just decided to have a 50% off sale. It's now a dollar.


Ladies and gents, this is whatever the step below prostitution is.

Buy the book if you like the CBC or if you like the author (for whatever reason) or if you like poetry or if you like being really, really confused (concerned? confounded? angry?) for a hundred and three pages.