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Hamilton Barber

Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Hamilton Barber is tired and frequently bitter and generally only wants to make things better. He really, really loves words and really, really is bad at social media. He's an INTJ and a Ravenclaw, so keep your normie bravado away.

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Coalton Ross

CFO, Film Guru

Coalton Ross took a year-long break from writing essays and reviews on media such as comic books, movies, and video games after graduating from college, and then promptly decided that he still had some things to say. He spends his post-grad days surfing the internet, watching movies, and eating at sushi restaurants.

Ben Dorsey

Chief Advisor, Product Manager

Ben Dorsey is a writer, music junkie, whisky enthusiast, sneakerhead, and genuinely just wants to bring people together. Insta: oldsoul_newclothes



Chris Morrow

Media Director

Chris Morrow dedicated five years towards his English degree and figured he might as well get some use out of it. He is simple (loves the beach) yet complicated (hates the sand) and is a musician by heart, writer by passion, and Proposal Writer by trade. 


Jordan Baker

Jordan "Bake" Baker is a student at Kennesaw State University. While not at school, he is an audio-visual contractor for Gwinnett Church, a Latin tutor, and a children's martial arts instructor. He is an aspiring Latin teacher, and hopes to make the next generation a little better than his own, while imparting some Latin knowledge along the way. Strict adherence to principle is his mandate for himself and others. While stern in his spiritual and philosophical outlook, there is precious little else in life he takes seriously, so in general, he likes to kick back, and take it easy, if not on some grand adventure with his friends or self-appointedly patrolling the internet for logical fallacies.

Jordan Joseph

Jordan Joseph is a senior at Erskine College, graduating with a BA in Bible and Philosophy. For fun, she climbs giant rocks, listens to podcasts about movies, discusses feminism, smells scented candles, and plays around with stringed instruments. She will soon be residing in Rock Hill, SC with her almost-husband, their dog Turk, and her hedgehog Jameson.


Shelby Rogers

Shelby Rogers writes a lot. She writes adverts for tech startups, articles obsessing over Elon Musk, blog posts about Disney parks and movies, and (when the mood strikes her) really terrible poetry. Basically, she's always writing. There are 30 minutes of her day dedicated to something that isn't writing. That blissful time is at 7:30 p.m. EST Mondays through Fridays when "Jeopardy" graces her TV screen. Rogers enjoys reading Jane Austen literature, running, cuddling her dog, drinking too much coffee, and watching completely hipster films like Return of the Jedi or Captain America: Civil War