What Happens When the Superhero Film Bubble Bursts?

Coalton kicks off the film section of the CBC with a striking, prophetic look at Hollywood's biggest cash cow. 

"Actual filmmaking quality aside, common audiences will look for safe returns on their ticket purchases and will associate quality entertainment solely through branding and recognition, and either of these two studio attempts at forced trending may or may not prove fruitful."

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Great Savior, Bad Ar(gumen)t; or, "Another Film Entry So Soon?"; possibly even just, "Christianity."

Last time, we slogged through the gritty and imperviously dark Noah, which I unashamedly and unambiguously loved. So I only figured it fair to talk this week about the movie across the hall (such rich symbolism in so mundane a place as a movie theater!), God's Not Dead... which I didn't hate as much as I had planned to. But I don't think that this film is what people say it is.

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