The Rise and Fall of Tomi Lahren as Told By 'Mean Girls'

Tomi Lahren, conservative America’s blonde darling on Facebook, has been indefinitely removed from her post. The event, reported first by Page Six, leaves plenty of room for discussion. Many speculate Lahren’s termination came after her appearance on the generally left-of-center talk show The View. During the interaction in question, an uncharacteristically nuanced Lahren announced she was pro-choice, saying she would rather not have the government involved in any decisions regardless of topic.

This announcement shocked liberals, conservatives, and everyone familiar with Lahren’s loud tirades on social media. Many left-leaning individuals came out as surprised yet supportive of Lahren’s announcement. Others claimed Lahren’s comment is a swift change of heart from an early video where she called pro-choicers, in no uncertain terms, “baby killers.” Pro-life conservatives were shocked by Lahren’s fresh stance, including Lahren’s boss Glenn Beck, who promptly removed one of his most popular (and only) females from his payroll. The whole situation leaves plenty of room for discussion.


We figured now would be the perfect point in time to dissect Lahren’s short-lived, social-media-driven legacy in the most appropriate way possible. So Tomi, from one blonde millennial to another, here’s a look back at your career up to this point, as narrated by Mean Girls gifs.

Tomi Lahren came onto the scene in 2014, and--until that day--she was from a small town in South Dakota. We know what you’re thinking; South Dakota residents are hunters, or that they’re weirdly agricultural or something.

But this totally normal, all-American girl wanted to host her own show. And she was pretty good at the whole small-network cable news thing. Seriously, check out an average college news show featuring Lahren from 2014:

Then she found TheBlaze and Facebook. In the regular world, Facebook is that place you go to check up on your grandparents and get easy recipes. In Tomi’s world, Facebook was the perfect platform to lash out at anyone different from you and no other person can say anything about it (yay free speech).

She spoke out against the women’s march, the "feminist movement and, really, the collective left... with their cardboard signs and their hashtags and their exclusive moral high ground we're just not good enough to stand on." She made lewd comments regarding Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Beyonce and other famous left-leaning women. She denounced the women’s movement in general and especially went after those women offended by some “locker room talk" from now-president Donald Trump. 

She started talking about Colin Kaepernick, so America started talking about Colin Kaepernick.

I mean, clearly, she knows about good football, and she's a clean, wholesome, all-American girl. She'd certainly have taken a stance against anyone else who committed crimes playing in the NFL. Right? </sarcasm>

Because let's face it: her discussion of race in this country is unparalleled

and according to her, she's never said anything mean or inflammatory. At all. Ever.

Raise you hand if you have been personally victimized by Tomi Lahren

Raise you hand if you have been personally victimized by Tomi Lahren

(The list of people she offended was quite lengthy, honestly.)

But the weird thing about Tomi was that America could hate her, and at the same time, we couldn’t help but watch her videos. Same with liberals. The more Tomi tried to rip them to shreds, the more they kept responding. They knew it was better to be engaged with Final Thoughts, hating life, than not to be relevant at all. Commenting on TheBlaze stories is like shooting proverbial fish in a barrel. It's easy content. People read that stuff all the time, and everybody sits in their respective echo chambers and bicker at each other. 

But then Tomi realized something. The public had given her social media numbers to make her gain a shallow popularity, and they turned her platform against her and then Glenn Beck--you know Glenn Beck--exploited her popularity to buoy a slowly failing news website.

Why did Glenn do it? Probably because the public has a big ol’ crush on sensationalist talking heads and not real news. Tomi brought the eyes in, which brought the cash. 

Maybe Tomi recognized this pattern. She's smart enough to. Perhaps she found her moment to finally give Beck and company something to talk about:

(At least, we wouldn’t be surprised if that happened prior to Lahren’s interview on The View. She didn’t have teleprompters to feed her the normal talking points. She seemed calmer, more even-keeled, able to stick to her guns but concede when the other side had a point. Like humans do when they have disagreements.)

But as soon as she made her appearance on The View and shared her newfound pro-choice stance on abortion, TheBlaze--and Beck--minced no words and wasted no time disavowing her. 

Tomi wasn't going to just sit back and take it, though; she had words for Glenn Beck, too

And that’s how Tomi Lahren died.

No, I’m totally just kidding. But she was indefinitely suspended from her show and then fired. Conservatives who, like, totally hate her now cheered on Glenn Beck.


Some others are genuinely confused as to what’s going on.

People still supporting Lahren’s camp tell her that she could be the next Megyn Kelly (who recently departed from Fox, leaving a spot for a prominent female voice ripe for the taking) or fresh face of conservative America. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless, this former social media starlet is in need of a new job. And yes, Tomi, there’s even a Mean Girls reference for our job suggestion.