Fear and Love in the 2016s

*Editor's note: 

Ben Dorsey is the newest addition to the CBC staff. As we've been deciding how to approach the increasingly polarized social conversation, Ben wrote the following piece. We thought it was poignant and timely.


"Fear not."

You know the words even if you didn't know who said it.

How many times have you heard it?

About a hundred?

Something like that. 

"Fear Not."


And yet, we fear. 

We fear that we will fail. We fear that we will disappoint those we care about. We fear the monsters that hide in our closet, keeping the skeletons company. We fear that we will love the wrong person. We fear the right one won't love us. We fear that people will never truly know us. We fear that someone might. 

"Fear Not." 

And yet, we fear.

We fear that someone will judge us based on the color of our skin. We fear that someone will think we judge others based on the color of theirs. We fear saying the wrong thing. We fear staying silent. We fear authority. We fear lawlessness. We fear that the status quo will never be changed. We fear that the streets will burn. 

"Fear Not." 

And yet, we fear.

We fear the future. We fear the past. We fear that pain will never end. We fear that happiness won't last. We fear those in power, those who might be in power. We fear how they will wield it. We fear for our unborn sons and daughters, for the world they will grow up in. 

"Fear Not." 

But we fear, and that fear cripples us. It makes us hate. It makes us bitter. It makes us blind. 

But we fear, and that fear comforts us. It is the illusion of control. 

And yet. 

"Fear Not."

Fear Not because the children of a victorious King need not worry about His wars. Because our King is a Creator who made the beginning and the end, alike.

Fear not because our King was not elected into office by a margin of a few thousand popular votes; He has been King from everlasting and will continue to be. He was crowned King long before the founding of this nation, and He will remain King long after it’s gone.

Fear not because our God is still God, whether we are flourishing in a society that gives freedom to those who live according to the Kingdom, or we are facing the death and persecution He promised would come our way for following Him. 

Sisters and brothers I urge you, fear not. The water to fear's oil is not bravery, it is love. Burn off the fear from the top and allow your love for one another to flourish.

For love covers a multitude of sins.