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For those that are keeping up, the album is coming along quite nicely, if I do say so myself. It's slow and extremely tedious work, for the sheer complexity of some of these ideas that I'm exploring, but I am overall pretty pleased with the results. I have five tracks that are completely finished (that is, until I see something in one that I don't like and scrap it to start over), and the story is completely fleshed out. The general musical direction has been planned and there are these little things floating around in my head that, when I finally put them down, will be pretty sweet I think. I'm just ready to have it finished so that I can release some of it to get outside opinions, other than the 2 or 3 that have heard some of it along the way. 

Track listing:














The album is tackling some pretty heavy stuff and has evolved into this sort of critique of the modern religious (read: church) culture on several different levels. The content of the story is somewhat of a call to action or revision of some beliefs held by many engrossed in that culture, and I think the way it is received will be as interesting a study as the project itself. I am making sure to keep it all Scripturally grounded in principal and in thought, but at the same time expanding the audience past the usual receivers of the genre. There are some very bizarre musical things happening, which will either be a turn-off or on, depending on how open you are to weirdness, but I am afraid that it will exclude itself from the CCM patrons. 

Along those lines, this I can promise to let you know how much you will or won't like this endeavor: it will be impossible to like both this and, say, Casting Crowns.

I didn't mean to divulge into a self-indulgent sort of ramble, but I have hit sort of a wall in my thinking at the moment. I keep getting stuck on one or two things and frankly I hate writing the same thing over and over again. So if you made it this far, congrats. You're a champ. Ugh, this really sounds like a blog now... 

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