>After a Long Hiatus

>I had a few free moments on this glorious Friday and had an uplifted spirit after the outcome of certain events being in my favor, so I decided during the break in the action I would forgo schoolwork for the moment and blow some time developing the idea for a story I'm writing purely for pleasure and not in any way motivated for school. I had about ten minutes of good, productive development before the inevitable and always ill-timed creative block occurred, so I decided it would be for the best to sit in the midst of the not-yet-busy University Center and kill time updating myself on the happenings of people I know purely for our connection to my church or Lee University or UTC. I noticed on Twitter some buzz that I generally try to ignore about some political hurly-burly (sorry, I've been reading Shakespeare like a CHAMP these past few weeks) pertaining to Obama. I really really am trying to approach him and his Presidency with an open and more sympathetic mind (which is extraordinarily difficult for me), because I have not just an obligation but a mandate to respect those in authority and to "give to caesar that what is ceasar's." But, I noticed something that caught my attention in the Twitter update of somebody whose opinion I admittedly do not value more than that of the nearest bleating, Chris Tomlin-worshipping, "I need to constantly inform the public (who, of course, adores my opinion) about the relief work I do aiding starving children in Africa", "My politcal and religious views are both 'Lee University'" sheep.

I am slightly ashamed that it took this to break me of my long blogging hiatus, the cause of which is either that I have a life now or that I don't have time to have a life, which will only be decided based on the the definition and interpretation of "having a life," but I noticed the recent dolling out of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barak Obama. Now, I type this with trembling hands for a few reasons:
1) I am running slightly (and by "slightly" I mean "purely") off of caffeine and a sugar rush that has yet to be calmed by the intake of food into my system because the food court has not been opened
2) Trepidation, for I know that any of the people (whose ethnicity shall not be named) behind me wearing pants that start where most of these girls' shorts end and one of which has an oversized, glittery Tshirt that literally says "Obama for Messiah," could be reading over my honkey shoulder and follow through on the threats I just heard him speak to one of his friends except to me, not Maurice, or whoever he just said, and
3) I'm actually, physically enraged at the topic about which I am about to rant.

It was said by the chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee about Obama's win, "Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future." A man whose opinion we greatly respect and whose actions this nation as a whole generally approves of, former President Jimmy Carter said of Obama's win that it is a "bold statement of international support for his vision and commitment."

Now, perhaps if some of Obama's plans had worked out like he said they would, this would not be as big of a deal as it is. He does have some plans for peace (albiet in my personal opnion misguided and poorly thought out) that could have sparked the decision to throw his name in the basket. But it's important to note that the deadline for the Nominations was February 1... a lengthy 12 days after the man was president. I think that an important quality for the Nobelc Prize recipient to have is integrity, as this word can be associated with so many of the past prize winners... Elie Wiesel, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, etc. and I just can't say that the man who promised to have Americans out of Iraq in 100 days or that the closing of Guantanimo would be at the top of his lengthy Presidential checklist, and then produced absolutely no results but a 5-month search for the dog to buy his kids, a million dollar frisbee golf course and an endeavour to launch unmanned craft to the moon for the sole purpose of smashing into its surface, would be a man who I would label as one with "integrity."

But with this nomination, I also question the validity of said committee. I don't see how the outcome of what used to be a prestigious honor can be determined by what a group of men think a man will do in the future....

Actually, I'm tired of talking about this already. I don't see this prize as being a valid honor anymore because apparently all you have to do is make a documentary based on conjecture rather than fact (Al Gore) or organize enough communities to gain some recognition then say some stuff you don't mean to carry out to get into office and get nominated for a joke of a prize, killing two one-time honors with one stone (Josef Stalin I mean Chavez I mean what?). For those that put up with me this far, I say thank you. I'll see what I can do to update some more in the future, now that I'm starting to get this school schedule locked down.

As for production of the album, it is coming slowly but surely. Expect results in the near future!

Hamilton Barber

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