>Not Your Momma's Music

>So I posted an earlyish version of the opening track to the new album tonight on Myspace and I'm nervous about it's reception to be quite honest. It's heavier than anything I've ever put out before, but that's because this new record deals with heavier subject matter than Guitars Under the Moonlight could encompass. This record deals with rejection and hypocrisy and falling from grace and redemption and a Savior who can pull you out of it all.

The entirety of the story I won't divulge yet, but a snippet I don't mind sharing the gist, if anything. This is a concept album named Echoes and it centers around a dead modern church, the members and leaders, and those it has outcast. It is all metaphorical, of course, sometimes simply truths exaggerated, but it all deals with issues I feel need to be addressed.

The opening track is about a call-girl, and takes place with her walking down the aisle after an apathetic alter call, but for reasons opposite those people expect. She is full of anger, calling out the pastor, of all people, on his hypocrisy. She says at one point in the song "is it you who saves us, you king of sinners?" Of course, this track does not include the resolution to the situation, but do trust, there will be resolution. There will be strong themes of redemption alongside these currents of turmoil, love with loathing, the fall with forgiveness.

In the vein of Showbread, there will be an accompanying story that will be published alongside the album, either in the jacket lining or for free on the internet, for those that don't buy a hard copy. Stylistically, the opening doesn't necessarily set the tone or pace for the album, but rather the themes of the story will. Where there is anger, there will be anger. Where there is peace, oh there will be peace. However, I do not believe in creating stagnant, paint-by-the-numbers music. I never have, I never will, and for that reason I never plan on being accepted by the CCM community. There will be edge that will be judged by those who don't accept it as viable "music" but nobody should doubt the heart behind it.

I can't wait for you guys to hear the whole thing. I can't wait to work on it this summer. I can't wait to see how God changes me along this process, making me more accepting and more acceptable in His eyes.

Hamilton Barber

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