>I promise it'll be worth your time

>So we're headlining for the first time May 16th at Fathom, and I'm excited, to say the least. It's funny, because I'm not so much excited about being the featured act, as much as I'm excited about setting the tone of the event. Josh said it best when he said it'll not be acts attempting to one-up each other, but rather a bunch of friends just having a good time. We invited people who we know we get along with and that are great talents, and we're hoping that it carries over into the audience. If we can provide escape for them from this competitive world even just for the moment, our goal will be reached.

I said previously that until you have enjoyed yourself at a show, you have not lived. Well, I stand behind that still but at the same time offer an addendum: Until you have enjoyed yourself at a show...

And found escape,

You have not lived.

Hamilton Barber

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