>At the Show

>I don't care how many or few people I'm playing for, the unmatched surge of adrenaline just before going onstage is enough to keep me believing there is still good in this world. You haven't enjoyed yourself until you've enjoyed yourself at a show. Tonight, you can experience that joy for the price of driving to Cleveland. I'd say it's very worth it.

Hamilton Barber

The subject of this page is an introverted writer/musician/lunatic from Chattanooga, TN who dabbles in lexical dexterity, unorthodox thoughts on prosperity, and being overwhelmingly undeserving of the privilege of waking up every day. He hopes that everybody who reads these words takes them to heart and leaps higher than he ever could. He reads, thinks, and speaks too much; he listens, works, and loves too little; and he says “I” entirely too often. The words on these pages are not his: they are the words that were given to him.