>The Reason

>This is my new song I just kinda threw together. A few guitar tracks, a few vocal tracks, etc. and a ton of emotion. Perhaps my most emotional song yet. I take great joy in providing raw emotion at it's core.

I'm not pretending to be a great singer by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not pretending to be a great songwriter, or even a great guitarist. I suppose this all just gets back to the fact that I crave an audience, for whatever talent I may possess. Any talent I may claim is not my own, though, so I feel like I should do what I can to show them.

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, head over to my myspace and check it out. It can't hurt - the worst that happens is you waste three minutes of your life and declare that I should never attempt music again. I'll let you take that risk ;)

Take me away from what I have become
All of these futile disguises,
Facades of a pearly-white, squeaky clean life.
I've gotta wake up from living
This nightmare of stagnant belief
And realize that every decision I've made
has turned me into nothing I like

It's no surprise that I hate this place,
Because I'm nothing without you.

That's all there is to it. It starts out mellow and reflective, because that's what the song is, at it's core. I'm sitting there, relating to you something you have probably felt, and asking the question you have undoubtedly asked yourself, "what have I become?" This came out of a place of a sort of desperation that I couldn't have gotten out of without Jesus.

At the end, when I refer to "this place," I'm not talking about a physical location. It's not home or this city or this state or this country, but rather the place I was in emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

The music is another point of notice. In the middle, there is a sharp and sudden key change, style change, time and tempo change. It's basically a whole new song. It switches to a jazz mode, which is both symbolic and stylistic. Stylistic, because I absolutely love jazz and the emotions it represents, but symbolic because jazz, in the past, has been representative of sin. Any place it used to be played was strictly for adults, and the things it evolved into (blues, rock n' roll) had similar stereotypes associated with it. This point in the song represents everything that brings a person to a point like the point of view from which the song was written.

The song is ended on the V chord, leaving an air of suspension and non-resolution, because our struggles will not end. But fear not! It is a hopeful ending! We are nothing without Him. Recognize that and you're halfway there, my friends.

Listen to the song. Let me know what you think!

Hamilton Barber

The subject of this page is an introverted writer/musician/lunatic from Chattanooga, TN who dabbles in lexical dexterity, unorthodox thoughts on prosperity, and being overwhelmingly undeserving of the privilege of waking up every day. He hopes that everybody who reads these words takes them to heart and leaps higher than he ever could. He reads, thinks, and speaks too much; he listens, works, and loves too little; and he says “I” entirely too often. The words on these pages are not his: they are the words that were given to him.