>I Exist for Days Like This

>Doing anything but driving with the windows down and music creating new definitions and expectations for the term "loud" on days like these should be illegal. It smells fresh out there.

I realize that it is just February and that this is Chattanooga, but today I got a serious case of spring and summer fever that I don't think will be satiated save for by a splash of good weather in my face. I crave the lake.

I started running again, and I think I have discovered that I am a new person (magically, overnight even) because I really have enjoyed being sore. Endorphines are the most potent of nicotines one can experience, as it eliminates the craving to do anything but let them be released from their cells. I long to feel the lactic acid in my muscles prohibiting full range of motion because it will make me a better person.

Overall, things could not be better right now. My car could break down here at Chatt State, forcing me to walk home and I would not be upset.

Slow Cars.Slower Jets has two shows coming up, and on Thursday, by an incredible act of selflessness and kindness (thank you John Cotton), we are getting some rough recordings of some of our stuff. I have a ton of things that I have written, I'm sure Matt does too, and I think that we're gonna be taking off soon. The website will be up soon too. Hopefully.

Keep those spirits soaring and let that hair flow in the breeze, because these days will not last forever. Let's make the most of them while we can

Hamilton Barber

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