>Creepy gentleman in the hallway

>I have 15 minutes until Sociology, so I'm sitting in the hall squandering precious time I could be contemplating something deep or reviewing something important in my head with facebook, and this guy walks up and sits down in a chair directly across from me. I do an amazing job at avoiding any personal contact with any person at all in this school (including, but not excluded to: waves, hello's, eye contact, or telekenetic connectivity) but this kid has set out to destroy that vision.

He is staring straight at me.

I avoid his piercing glaze and try to imagine his eyes as vacuums and my soul having nothing to keep it tethered to my being. I can't handle this.

I focus my conciousness in his general direction, and realize that he is talking. What he is talking about I have absolutely no idea, it just sounds like a bunch of babble, mumbo-jumbo. I don't understand, so I listen closer and what I hear disturbs me to my core.

"yeah, boy just like that. atta boy keep that up"

WHAT? I cast a look in his direction, against my better judgement, and he sort of looks away, pitifully concealing the smirk that is so desperate to eek across his creepy lips.

So I got up and quickly (and unsensually as possible) walked away from him to my classroom where I sit now.

Not sure why I felt like telling you this. I just figured I needed to get it off my chest

Hamilton Barber

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