>I NEVER rant about politics

>What is UP with this Obama guy?

To preface this, I am not one of those people who hates on the President, however popular or unpopular that idea is. Obama's approval rating remains relatively high, at 66%, according to a Gallup poll, even though (God forbid) his highness is receiving bad press on his apparent lack of character judgment. The man has a true talent for swaying people with his empty, but glittery words (Josef Stalin, anyone?) and is an expert at making people believe in his (nonexistant?) plans to better this nation. We'll instill hope! Change is on the way! Yes you can! (bullet to the brain)

First off, I find it hysterical, like, to the point of laughing to myself in this empty house, that he picks Timothy Geithner to be treasury secretary. Now, for all the people who are going to get mad at me for not knowing who this is, He is a former official of the Federal Reserve. If you don't know what the purpose of the federal reserve is, I recommend Google. It's a pretty useful tool. Now, I realize that every man has his vice, flaw, and less-than perfection, but hiring a man who owes $34,000 in back income taxes and nearly $8,000 in interest on those taxes to be the man in charge of our dwindling economy's financial issues is straight up ludicrous. Did they think we weren't going to find out? Who knows.

But, even though I didn't vote for the man, Obama is our President, and it is my job to support him for the good of the country. So I'll cut him some slack on this one.

Where I won't cut him any slack comes next: last Tuesday morning, Nancy Killefer further tainted the beginning of Obama's regime. Liberal news media isn't gonna cover this, because frankly it is just the next step in making Obama look, well, Bush-like. Who is Nancy Killefer? Well, I'll tell you. Nancy Killefer had been appointed by Obama to be nominated for a top budget post, yet again guarding the increasingly disappointing American Dollar. Why do I mention her? She failed to pay unemployment compensation taxes (for what, I'm not entirely sure) but she had a lien put on her house. ?? Needless to say, once this reached public attention, She politely asked the President to withdraw her nomination.

The madness doesn't stop here, folks. The man who was nominated to be secretary of health and human services, Tom Daschle, withdrew HIS nomination as well after the publicity of Nancy Killefer among Washington bigwigs, because of his last month payment of (count it) $140,000 in back taxes and interest. "Oh, but Hamilton he's just falling behind in this dying economy, just like the rest of us."


Daschle owed this money, mostly because of his chauffered luxury car. He also claims to have earned $5 million over the course of two years from large industry groups. Not too shabby from someone that was previously on the Senate Finance Committee (which, by the way, is the group that writes the taxes he so eloquently failed to pay until the last second). You'd think he had a clue.

Now, I don't know how much you liberals follow Mr. Obama's "policies" but one of them is his strict ban on lobbyists. So naturally, Daschle recieved Obama's nomination, despite receiving "$2 million from a lobbying firm."

Getting paid obscene sums of money by a lobbying firm, in my opinion, makes you a lobbyist.

I don't wanna deal with William Corr, the former anti-tobacco lobbyist that was named as the deputy secretary of health and human services who is magically not dealing with tobacco issues or William Lynn as the number 2 man at the PENTAGON who was a lobbyist for a defense contractor. All I'm saying is Obama better not continue the double standard he's starting (and by starting I mean continuing), or at least those people who claim they have a clue about the President (every black person I know ((sorry if that sounds racist))) better start recognizing that this man isn't all sparkles and glitters.

Maybe one day Obama will learn to salute the flag and serve the people. God forbid we have a leader that actually ENFORCES his disdain for partisan politics, instead of simply furthering the stereotype. In the meantime, we'll keep looking for someone in the White House who pays their taxes.

**EDIT: for those that want to know where I got my information, I'm a firm believer in dissociated, third party opinions. Nothing here in America is not slanted, so I believe that the most accurate source for information is the BBC. You should check it out - it's a beautiful thing

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