"The Devolution of Worship Music"

In which we discussed certain trends in the music of the church, where they began, what they mean, and how it affects "Christian Culture" in general. 

#KnowYourTone; or, Part One


"The Dangerous Theology of Venue Church" 

In which we addressed some troubling things coming out of a rapidly growing Chattanooga church. The first link is to the original article, and the second is to the follow-up, some months after the ruckus caused by the original post died down. 

They Call Me the Son of the Morning
The Aftermath


"A Year Without God"

In which we responded to Ryan Bell's Patheos channel and feature article on how living a year without God "proved" to him that He doesn't exist. 

Ryan's original article can be found here

Part One
Part Two
Part Three